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BS1912 "Kabuki" FAIRTEX MUAYTHAI SHORTS Satoru Collection

  • This Shorts is part of "Satoru" collection named by the designer who design it.
  • Mr.Satoru is a jewelry and tattoo designer/artist with unique drawings. He himself practiced BJJ for life.
  • The new generation of Fairtex Muay Thai shorts “Satoru Collection".
  • New pattern and design boxing shorts.
  • New better satin fabric, long lasting and stay in shape.
  • Slim cut with high slit- New piping on the leg, look nicer.
  • 6 Elastic bands on the wrist instead of 8.
  • The new collection is slimmer than normal Fairtex sizing but bigger than kickboxing collection.
  • Come with zip lock packaging with hanger included.


Size     Length     Waist    Weight

XS         13.5”       24”      70-90 lbs
S            14.5”      27”      90-112 lbs
M           15.5”      30”      112-132 lbs
L            16.5”      33”      132-165 lbs
XL          17.5”      36”      165-Heavywt,
XXL        18.5”      39”      Super Heavywt

BS1912 "Kabuki" Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts

SKU: BS-1912
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