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BSG3 Fairtex Official GLORY Shorts.

Modern muay thai shorts comes with a slim-cut design, offers maximum freedom of movement despite the leaner shapes. Renewed cutting with a 6 elastic-bands waistband combined with high side slits guarantees minimum restriction of the legs. New Fairtex shorts are made with improved and better satin material and flatter piping and seams

These limited edition shorts are exclusively made for the GLORY competition.

  • Material - 100% polyester satin;
  • Color - white & black;
  • 6 bands waistband with drawstring;
  • Handmade in Thailand;
  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL


Size     Length     Waist    Weight

XS         13.5”       24”      70-90 lbs
S            14.5”      27”      90-112 lbs
M           15.5”      30”      112-132 lbs
L            16.5”      33”      132-165 lbs
XL          17.5”      36”      165-Heavywt,
XXL        18.5”      39”      Super Heavywt

BSG3 Fairtex Official GLORY Shorts

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