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HB10 Fairtex Bowling Bag - Unfilled

  • Fairtex original design for punching, kicking and kneeing drills with unique tear drop shape to simulate an opponent.
  • Bottleneck is designed for neck kicking drill. Also, it can be used for low kick drill.
  • Supports correct knee practising by providing higher straps so that the user does not hold it during practice. At the same time, the training area is extended.
  • With proper installation, this bag is also designed for low kick and neck kick practising as well. Bottleneck to simulate neck of human.
  • Dimension: 117 cm - height, 45 cm - diametr.
  • Approximate weight after fill : 36 kgs

HB10 Fairtex Bowling Bag - Unfilled

Color: Black
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