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KPLC-1 Fairtex Curved Kick Pads "Small".

  • Curved design made from premium cowhide leather. More endurable than buffalo leather used in standard pads sold on the market.
  • Ergonomically fit forearm of trainer due to the curve. Easier to hold and stay balanced during training.
  • Soft and flexible even first use. Good for everyone especially women, kids and amateurs.
  • Lighter weight than normal version.
  • Soft pads on the head designed for trainer to jab and hook.
  • Comes with padded straps and forearm support for maximum comfort of a trainer.

KPLC-1 Fairtex Curved Kick Pads "Small"

    • Small Thai Kick Pads;
    • Colors: Black/White;
    • Sizes: Small;
    • One velcro starp;
    • Curve Shape;
    • Padded Closure.
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